of failures

3  We’ve all failed at one point in our lives. This semester had been extremely hard for me. I don’t know if I’d become too lax but I messed up. Big time. At this point, I’m honestly just trying not to cry (again) and instead hope for the best when the grades come out. (Of course, I’ll be expecting the worst.) In any case,my failures for this semester had actually been dragging me down for a long time now, and I’m trying to be positive about it since I realized I’ve been too pessimistic and negative and just generally shitty when it comes to dealing with things that upset me. The thing about failure, however, it’s inevitable. It always lurks around the corner, just waiting for the time to strike, and when it does, it knocks you back hard enough to make you stumble. This is a cliched way of talking about failure, but it’s true enough. It’s only important that we learn how to deal with failure.

1) Acceptance.  Some people tend to go in denial about their failures, perhaps not even consciously. Often we justify them, or blame someone else for them. I, for example, have been blaming one of my professors for a class I’m pretty sure I’ve failed, but to be perfectly honest, I should have seen right from the beginning that it was my fault.

2) Acknowledge your flaws. Think back to the moments that eventually led to your failure. What did you do wrong? For me, I know it’s because I procrastinate too much. I don’t put in as much effort as I should do. I’m too stubborn and prideful to2 ask for help when I don’t understand my lessons. I’m shit at prioritizing things. List them all down. Look at them for a long time. Look at yourself for a long time.

3) Strive to be better.  Move on. The painful truth is that we can’t ever turn back time. We can’t undo those failures and we can’t change the past for whatever it’s worth. It’s a pretty shitty setup, if you ask me, since we’re stuck living this pretty much linear life, but we just have to deal with that. All we can do now is look at those flaws you’ve mentioned and think about ways to get rid of them. It’s too late to save your past, but the future awaits a better you.

2 thoughts on “of failures

  1. I guess u r sooo right. When i first encountrd failiure (same reason as urs) i blamed my sistrs for disturbing me (i knw, its crazy) nd blamd my parents for makin me take care of my sisters when i was supposd to study.

    But then i realizd it ws my fault. I jst wantd a reason to escape from studying. And sure i did move and the next tym i tried hard and i got the best results which surprisd me too.


  2. I appreciate that you decided to share this with everyone…
    I, myself, have been feeling like shit for months. It’s a struggle to remain positive sometimes, and at times it feels like giving up is a damn good answer. I think it’s strange that somehow I find comfort in knowing that other people have similar experiences.

    I truly hope that everything turns out well for you. In times like these, I try to remind myself that, there is always a comeback.


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